Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Interiorista: Personally yours

I don't know how you feel but it seems to me that we are on our way to get some rooms in good decorating shape. Let's recap! In the last weeks, we've talked about decorating styles, color palettes and furniture lay outs, all of which are very important factors of your designing plan. In the weeks to come, I'd like to spend some time chatting with you about Home accents.

Decorative accessories are the brushstrokes of individuality to your ornamental masterpiece. They are the finishing touches to your design that speak something special to you. Accessories are also the way you show your personality and make the room uniquely yours. They are defined by all of those settled or emphasized details that make the room come together following your particular vision of how the space should look like. So, what type of adornments are we talking about?
Decor accents will fall into one of these categories:

1. Rugs
2. window treatments
3. Wall hangings
4. Light fixtures
5. Collectives
6. Flowers, foliage, and plants
7. Textiles

Before we start digging deeper into each category, I'd like to introduce this section showing you what other fellow homemakers like you, with no professional training, have accomplished in their lovely homes to make their spaces beautifully and personally theirs. You, as well as them, can do great things. The sky is the limit!

Jennifer's home accents

1. What makes your house a home?

Effort, daily, to fill our house with love is what makes our house a home. Otherwise, it would just be a house. Yes, I have fun making it feel cozy with candles for ambiance, air fresheners for a lovely scent, plants for a sense of life, fun lamps as accents, printed pillows to personalize, and lots of different colors and textures for style, but it is the relationship with my husband and boys, and our friends too that make it feel like home sweet home.

2. What is your decorating style and why do you like it?

I'm not sure if I have a defined style, I would called it warm. I simply like to buy only "pieces" that I love, instead of a matching style.

3. What accessories are a "must" in your home?

Pillows. For me, the feel of a room can be so personalized with the colors, prints or embroidering of the pillows.

Rachel's home accents

1. What makes your house a home?

I always feel more at home when I don't have a cookie cutter furniture but rather a lot of different textures and wood tones in each room. Most significantly, I love to surround myself with the things that mean the most to me. When completing a room, it's always a must for me to add some personal items-family pictures (put in a variety of interesting frames), something we picked up on a family trip, framed art work the kids made, items to keep necessities organized, like a big wicker basket for cozy blankets, some favorite quotes or scripture , a scented candle, a comfy blanket and last a few of my favorite books on display. None of these things need to be expensive, or one of a kind, they just need to have value to me!

2. What is your decorating style and why do you like it?

I like to think of my style as modern country. I love clean simple lines, yet the character of distress wood, and cozy accents. I like this style because it allows me to try out new, current design themes and ideas but allows me to keep that homey feel that encourages family and friends to want to relax and put their feet up when they visit.

3. What accessories are a "must" in your home?

 Lighting can complete a space and make a room so inviting. I love mixing a few different lamp styles in each room. I definitely need pictures of my family, in all different formats, old and new, black and white, color, canvas print, wall prints, professional of just snap shots. I try to incorporate them all, putting a few in each room. I love to do an accent wall that showcases a favorite theme or group of artwork, like the wall in my kitchen! Last I need functional storage. I firmly believe that there is a place for everything and everything must go in it's place. This has been especially true since having kids. It brings peace into out home when our kids know where things belong, and know where to find what they are looking for! it also makes for a happy momma!

Alicia's home accents.

1. What makes your house a home?

Our house is a home because it is where we are most comfortable, where we enjoy time together with each other and where we welcome our family & friends.

2. What is your decorating style and why do you like it?

I would describe my style as eclectic. Personal. The decor in our home includes both antique and contemporary, family heirlooms and new pieces. I like the freedom from trends and the flexibility to incorporate a variety of styles and things that are truly meaningful.

3. What accessories are a " must" in your home?

Definitely nicely framed family photos. After years of living far from our families, we cherish the reminder of special moments with our loved ones. I couldn't imaging our home without art and books. My husband and I both appreciate fine art and although our collection is small, the pieces we have are carefully chosen and enjoyed every day. Our family loves to read and books are found in every room in our home. A more transient accessory that I value for their effect are throw pillows. I change them often and they offer a big impact for a small investment.

Jenn's home accents

1. What makes your house a home?

One of the things that make my house a home are the special things inside our house. Over the years we have gathered decorations, pieces of furniture and artwork from the different places we have visited. All of them have special meaning and remind us of a day trip or vacation we went on as a family. The things in our house tell a story of who we are and where we have been.

2. What is your decorating style and why do you like it?

I would describe my style as cool laid back stye mixed with some modern and traditional elements. I love this style because I can really mix many different things together and come up with a unique look that's my own.

3. What accessories are a must in your home?

Some of my must have accessories for our home are photographs of my family and friends, comfy pillows and blankets, candles, baskets that bring texture to a room, and different types of white flowers throughout the house.


I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of my friend's decorating sense and are getting excited to learn more about accessories. Until next week, keep having fun making your home personally yours!



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