Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Let God Write Your Story

Many, many months ago, I submitted a story to The Glorious Table. I didn't give it a title. I just wrote it and submitted it to my Editor and moved on.

Fast forward to our church deciding to do a series on Tell the Story and being asked to share our testimony for this series. You can watch our story below:


But then, today, my piece at The Glorious Table ran. I was so shocked when I opened up my email this morning and saw that my Editor had given it the title "How to Let God Write Your Story."


And so, here is this piece that could not be just coincidence:

By Wendi Kitsteiner
“I want your life,” she said. “I’m jealous of what you have.”
We were standing in my kitchen, looking out over the farm I have lived on for just under a year. Our husbands were out with the hens, moving them into a newly built egg mobile. My four kids were scattered around—two helping catch the chickens, one holding tightly to my leg, another practicing the piano.
My dear friend and her husband had just been dealt a shattering blow: another failed infertility treatment, this one most likely their last attempt. The odds were stacked against them. The doctors were telling them that trying again was almost useless. Miracles can always happen, though, and the potential for biological children had just moved into that category.
“You can have my life,” I said as we made our way to my kitchen table, her hand curled around a cup of tea. “But if you want it, you have to do exactly what you are doing right now.”
To read the rest of this piece, please jump over to The Glorious Table by clicking here. 

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