Sunday, June 05, 2016

Negative Free ME!

I recently saw this on a popular blog I frequently visit. The fact that it scared me to commit to means that I speak more negative words than I want to admit. I realized that I ....
  • consider myself an optimistic person (generally speaking). 
  • am (on the whole) not a gossip. 
  • see the glass half full (for the most part). 
But all those parenthesis are a major problem and not okay!

And lately there have been a few main areas in my life that have been reoccurringly problematic when it comes to not speaking badly of someone else.

This has become even more obvious now that my children are growing and eavesdropping a lot. I am not okay with them overhearing some of what I am saying. And heaven forbid they read some of the texts or email messages I've sent.

So I decided to start this today. I'm going to keep you posted on how I am doing on it. 

And if you'd like to join me on this challenge, leave a comment to challenge yourself to a more positive (and Christ-centered) YOU!


Anonymous said...

So, how long is this challenge? How long do I have to be nice???? Ok, I'm in. I'll report in to you.
Joni Poni

Anonymous said...

Yes! Love this. I'm in :)
-Grace W.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Joni -- FOREVER!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

I needed this challenge. Thank you!