Monday, June 06, 2016

Tell the Story

JB and I had the opportunity to share out testimony at our church this past Sunday. I have promised to post it as soon as it is available. You can watch the entire sermon below:

"Tell the Story" (Habakkuk 3:17-19) from fccgreeneville on Vimeo.

Our pastor, Scott Wakefield is doing a whole series on "Tell the Story" featuring church members sharing the pain and growth and miracle of their life stories. He did this one on childlessness or losing a child. We were asked if we would share our story.

While during the last year I have been able to truly see the purpose in our pain, when we spoke and I saw it coupled with the sermon, I realized, truly, God's plan. This is all in God's plan. He knew this all along!

After service, I told my husband, "Isn't it amazing that we just happened to find a church that emphasized such love for the orphans and the widows ... something we are so passionate about?"

JB smiled and said, "Wendi, that's sort of the point of what you just talked about. That God has a purpose. We didn't end up here by accident."

So true.

I cannot put into words how blessed we are to have found this church. I cannot put into words how blessed we are to find a church which puts an emphasis on HELPING PEOPLE FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS. The church isn't there for ME. It is there to help bring others to HIM!

I am so pumped about that!

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