Monday, June 13, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Images from Emily

On Saturday we said good bye to our WWOOFer, Emily. What a great three weeks we had with her here. Emily is from New Zealand, and was the recipient of a wonderful year-long scholarship to the University of Idaho for the year. She is using her summer break to travel all over the USA and she spent three weeks here on our farm.

Emily is a Geography and Geology major. This was a dream come true for Isaac who loves geography and also has a pretty keen passion for rocks too! In addition, she could keep up with him in Chess too -- they went about 50/50 during her time here.

One of their favorite things to do was to play the flags game that Isaac loves. Here they are showing off both of their home-country flags:

Emily is a bit of an artist. She loves to draw. She likes art and has a keen eye for photography too. I wanted to share some of her lovely photography here on the Blog as well:

One of our chickens.

These are the 25 new layers we got in. These little guys are about 3 days old in this photo.

A great shot of one of our sheep.

The pigs were Emily's favorite. What a cute shot of the little guys!

There aren't fire flies in Emily's part of the world. She was very impressed by them.

Fifty new turkeys are now occupying our brooder.

This might be one of my favorite photos of our farm ever. Guineas during a foggy morning.

They don't call it The Smokey Mountains for nothing.

A broody hen.

Look at some of the pics of our animals. And there's Arabelle in the bottom left.

Brown freckles! We are really hopeful that she is ready to deliver soon. She's one of our two remaining ewes that haven't given birth.

Little turkey!

New little layers. These little guys lay chocolate colored eggs!!!

Love these photos!

Each time we have a WWOOFer I think, no one can top this one. They've just been fantastic. Emily was our fourth and was really great! Safe travels new friend!!


Pamela McKirdy said...

Emily looks so hot - we don't get such muggy weather here either. I was amazed by the firefly photo.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

She was hot the majority of the time!!! She never complained though, just came in, cooled off, and went again!