Wednesday, June 01, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Chickens arrive!

This year we are upping our chicken production from 200 birds to 300 birds. This may not seem like a big jump, and honestly, it really isn't, but for us it is significant. We really need to get to about 600 birds to make any money, but for now, we are least getting to eat our 100 birds for free. And that is our original goal. We will keep about 100 and sell about 200. 

Here is Sidge helping Dad on the way back from the post office with our little chickens. (Chickens can live for about 48 hours without food or water after birth due to the nutrients that they had received in the egg. So there is a small window that they can come in the mail!

"Be careful. You're holding 165 new baby chickens."
"How many?!"

Here is a video:

And here are some chicken photographs (courtesy of our current WWOOFer Emily):

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