Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Today it became official. All family members on Incirlik Air Base in Turkey must leave the Base immediately.

We knew was a possibility. We had heard the rumors. But now it is true.

Our friends Josh and Rebekah who lived in Turkey were visiting the USA when they got word of this. Josh must return to Turkey without his wife and children. They can NEVER go back to their home in Turkey. And there is a possibility that Josh will have to remain to finish out the last 16 months of his assignment without them.

It is hard to fathom that. Can you imagine being told you can't go back to your home, your friends, your Hatice, ever again? She is in the USA and must create a new home without her husband.


In addition, my heart just hurts so much for this wonderful home and Base and country I love so much. My friends who were with me in Turkey have been messaging me, and we've been grieving together.

We are sad because other people will not get to experience this wonderful life we had.

We are sad because so many wonderful people who rely on the Base for their livelihood will be out of work.

Hatice will never see Rebekah again. Just like that. She's gone. And she can't come back. She can't hug those four darling boys again.

I hate war.

That picture above, of my boys running with their first friend William literally causes my heart to ache. Ache from happiness of that life I had there. And ache from sadness that it is being ripped apart at the seams because of terrorists who have brought their hell into Turkey.

Please pray for this country. Please specifically pray for Hatice and Ilhan and Fa-ree and Gokay. Good friends who will be so impacted by this decision.

I will always love this country and always hold such incredible memories of our two years there.


Anonymous said...

Wendi, why is this happening?
Love auntie Jan

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

I will definitely be in prayer for Josh and Rebekah. Scary and sad

Rebekah Storey said...

It is such a surreal experience we are having right now. My mind just keeps running through the rooms of our home there, the sound of Hatice's voice and the strong embrace of her arms and the "I miss you!" she said every Tuesday she came when she hadn't seen us for 4 days. I hurt for us, I hurt for her, I hurt for my husband who has to walk back into our home, alone, I hurt for every family that is experiencing this, "reverse deployment" and for all the precious Turks we have grown to know and love that will be profoundly effected by this. .
It's hard to explain the depth of the hurt.
I am living in the Pslams right now, devouring them. I take comfort in knowing our Creator knows it all and sees it all and holds it all. But it still!

Anonymous said...

This is such a heartbreak. There are so many people affected by this horrific development. I think of all of the shopkeepers on "The Alley" whose livelihood was so dependent on the residents of the base--Uzbek's Carpet, the pottery stores, the restaurants, etc. I think of the Turkish men who liked to pinch Isaac and Elijah's cheeks--the Turkish man who ran 15 min. to heat up a bottle for Abigail because she didn't like to drink cold milk--I think of the men who walked us to our destination because his directions might get "lost" in translation. Now, American families won't be able to experience the kindness, hospitality, culture and the "Meerhaba's"of a Turkey gone forever.
My prayers will go with the Storey's and all of the other families that will be leaving, and of course, Hatice, her family, and the other Turkish families that will lose their employment.