Friday, March 25, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Horse riding

While cousins Grace and Nate were here, our friend Karen agreed to have us over to see her new baby lambs and ride some horses. Such fun!

Sidge was the only one of my kiddos interested in riding. He was nervous but LOVED it.

Nate gave it a try too!

Karen has done a lot in the past with special needs and animals. It was so neat to see Sidge being so chattery and hyper and then calming so drastically as soon as he got on the horse.

Grace's turn!

Getting to brush down the horse before saddling him up. This is George!

Joshua and Sidge are such good buds.

Getting to hold a one day baby lamb. This lamb was a twin and rejected by the mother so they have to bottle feed her.

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