Tuesday, March 08, 2016

We Bought a Farm: First Goose Egg

Goose egg for breakfast!
Typically, geese only lay eggs seasonally and not in high numbers, so goose eggs are not commercially available. But for those who raise geese, and are not quite ready for goslings, then it is a rare treat.
Honestly, goose eggs don't taste dramatically different than good, farm-raised chicken eggs. The whites are almost identical. The yolk is rich and tasty.
Goose eggs are quite a bit larger than chicken eggs. About 3 chicken eggs equals the volume of one goose egg. Goose eggs (and duck eggs) have a higher proportion of yolk to white than chicken eggs.
The photo of the three eggs is pretty accurate, but the eggs in the pan is a little deceiving. You can't quite appreciate how much higher the goose egg is standing in the pan compared to the chicken egg!

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