Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dollywood with cousins

Cousin Grace and Nate are in town. Today we went to Dollywood. JB had to work but Grampa, Grama, me and all six kiddos headed down. It was much more crowded than other times we have previously gone. (We have season passes!) But we still had a great time! I managed to snag a couple of pictures!

Girls on the carousel 

Kids recovering after getting off of the water flume ride.

Isaac showing off how wet he is.

Went to a birding show! All the kids loved it, but Sidge especially just LOVES birds.

Sidge especially loves Bald Eagles. At one point, the host explained how far Bald Eagle numbers have come (from under 500 pairs to around 15,000) and Sidge got so excited, he teared up. He just loves animals!

I truly love that the kids have their own money. Abigail wanted to buy something in the store. So did Sidge. But Isaac wanted to save his money. Parental buying decisions would be so much harder if I had to choose when to get them something. Instead, anything they want (outside holidays or birthdays) they earn themselves.

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