Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Bought a Farm: A Hike with Sidge and Scrubs

I decided to go for a big hike today. This was actually the very first time I have ever hiked the entirety of our property perimeter. This includes our 100 acres and 20 additional acres that we "lease" from our neighbors. 

Here's a video of us as we prepared to head out:

I did not think that Scrubs would go with us -- or if he did, that he would only last a short time. But that dog hiked the entire trail with us. He may be "dying" but he sure doesn't have a clue. Oh how blessed I feel by this extra time with my best dog.

First I took a picture of Sidge with Scrubs with some "red bud" trees. They are more purple but so beautiful. 

Sidge decided to try and take a picture of Scrubs and me. Here were his attempts:

And then we decided to take a "selfie" with the three of us once we had reached the top of the ridge. (It is quite a steep climb and not for the faint of heart.) I truly believe that these pictures may end up being some of my favorite memories of my dog ever. Oh how much I love him. 

Scrubs has always loved to nibble on ears. Here he is getting a good ol' nibble on Sidge.

This made us laugh so hard.


AW said...

I think that last one is my favorite! I'm so glad you got this extra time with him Wendi. Keiko's death was so abrupt...I still can't think about it without my throat catching. I'd give anything for one more good day with her.

David and Lesley said...

Wen, I'm so sorry to hear about Scrubs. What a blessing he has been and what a treasure to your family. So beautiful that you could make these memories with him and Sidge! Love you friend. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

My condolences to you and your family Wendi. I don't know you but your blog was shared on facebook. I just lost a four year old dog due to a ruptured disc that destroyed his spinal cord. What we dog lovers know is that it is "not like" losing a family member...we ARE losing a family member. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you readjust to a life where Scrubs lives in your hearts and memories but no longer in your home. Thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures.