Friday, March 18, 2016

She's 2.5

Sleeping. She has actually given up the pacifier since the photo was taken.

Showing off her rings.

Practicing her splits with big sister (and trying to point her toes using her fingers)

Getting her hair done by Daddy.

Somehow I missed Hannah turning two and a half. On March 4 our youngest little lady reached her half birthday. I didn't take any formal fotos, but here are a few that sort of symbolize Hannah.

I try, albeit I feel I fail miserably, to paint Hannah properly for those of you who have not met her. But she is just so difficult to accurately depict. I have four children, and they are all wonderful, but truly, Hannah is in a class all her own. She has this tiny little Minnie mouse voice with the great big vocabulary, and her facial expressions rival those of a teenage girl.

Here are a few fun Hannah tid-bits:

  • Today she actually walked outside, looking for her brothers, turned to me and said, "Where are my boys?"
  • She also is not waking us up when she gets up in the morning. She climbs out of her crib, gets a granola bar, and sits on the couch and eats and reads books until we come out. We have told her to come get us but she doesn't seem to want to. Each morning she'll say, "I didn't even wake you up." (And yes, her being awake in the house by herself makes us nervous. We are brainstorming what to do about this.)
  • She is nearly potty-trained. Still wears a pull up at night or at naps. She actually figured out potty-training in about one day. I actually had to stop putting her in pull-ups for church or co-op because she got to the point that if she was in them, she'd wet, and if she wasn't, she would go into the potty. She totally knew which was which.
  • She is very friendly with almost anyone she meets. Doesn't usually cry when going into the nursery or co-op. She will, however, sometimes act a little shy and even say, "I'm feeling shy."
  • She does watch videos now and will sit for about a thirty minute show. She is especially into Daniel Tiger right now but has had periods of liking Mickey Mouse, Backyardigans, and "Baby Bum" which is on Netflix.
  • She has started playing some iPAD games, but I have to watch her like a hawk because she has figured out how to switch over to Netflix and turn on Daniel the Tiger.
  • She is not a great eater. Mostly likes carbs. Avoids fruit and meat and vegetables as often as she can. (I'm trying to change this without much luck!) Has not really started drinking any juice. Just drinks water or milk all day.
  • Still takes a nap from about 1-4 everyday, but she can skip this and will often not sleep when we put her down as well.
  • We have been on "Hannah Bootcamp" recently to try to curb her talking back, saying no, yelling when she doesn't get her way, and just overall disobedience. She totally knows that she is misbehaving and totally knows how far she can push me before a punishment ensues. 
  • She can walk to Grampa and Grama's house with one of her older siblings all by herself.
  • She is wearing size 4T clothes and size 9-10 shoe. (Abigail is in a 5T and size 11 shoe). 

Here is a video that captures her teeny-tiny voice and her stubbornness and her great expressions all rolled into one:

I am head over heals in love with this child despite the fact that she leaves me completely exasperated most of the time.

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