Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Meet the Chess Teacher, Daniel

We are starting a run of monthly volunteers here at Bauernhof Kitsteiner. First up is a great guy, Daniel. He's only been here two days, but so far he has really impressed all of us. What's even better is that his "side job" is a chess teacher. He told me he could teach Abigail. I did not believe him. But in fact, he did! 

Here's Daniel teaching the four older cousins how to play.

And here he is after teaching Abigail, playing all three of the kiddos at the same time.

How do these volunteers work? Simply put, these are individuals that I have met through one of three places: -- -- or JB's blog. They either have an interest in permaculture, organic farming, or simply want to experience America by staying with families along the way. They get room and board (food and housing) in exchange for helping us a few hours each day.

We have decided to have volunteers come in for one month at a time. We have Daniel here for the month of April, another French guy coming in for May, another gal coming in June, and a friend of the family in July. In August we have another guy from Mexico coming and I'm still looking to feel September. In October, we have a couple we knew from the Azores coming. 

While having people in your home might make some people uncomfortable, we are excited about it. It is an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. (Daniel speaks Spanish and teaches Chess.) In addition, we are able to provide other people the opportunity to experience an American family and an organic farm.

I'll make sure to keep introducing our volunteers to you!

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