Monday, May 18, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Newest Residents

JB has worked a ton this past week. It's the nature of ER work: feast or famine, and this week has not been very famine-like whatsoever. He is on a 7 of 9 day stretch. He has worked seven 12-hour shifts during a nine day period. (This is basically the equivalent of working nearly 2.5 weeks in just over a week.) We have both been on fumes and by the time he tucks the kids in and eats his leftover dinner, we plop into bed sharing only the necessities of our days.

Last night the conversation went something like this:

JB: "So I threw my hat over the fence."
Me: "Really? How?"
JB: "Ducks."
Me: "Ducks?"
JB: "Yeah. I bought some ducks.
Me: "Wow."
JB:  "And Guinea Fowl."
Me: "Seriously?"
JB: "Yeah. And some geese. Some really cool geese. Look at these things."
[Here he holds up a phone photo of some very interesting looking geese (top left corner)]
Wendi: "You just ... bought them?"
JB: "Yeah. Isn't that cool?"
Me: "I think so. How do you buy birds?"
JB: "Online. I've been researching this for a decade!"
Me: "And eggs just show up at your door?"
JB: "Not eggs. Babies. Real live babies."
Me: "They put them in the mail?"
JB: "Yeah."
Me: "And what do we do with them?"
JB: "We raise them. And eat the eggs. And eat them. Haven't you read my blog?"
Me: "Sort of. When did you buy these?"
JB: "Today."
Me: "On your lunch break?"
JB: "I don't get a lunch break."
Me: "Oh. Then just sometime today you got online and bought poultry?"
JB: "Something like that."
Me: "And you didn't think we needed to discuss this ahead of time?"
JB: "I thought I'd surprise you."
Me: "Oh."
JB: "Are you surprised?"
Me: "Not really. This is you we are talking about."
JB: "True. Good night."
Me: "Good night."

They arrive about two weeks after we get to the farm.

This is really happening!

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