Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: First Rainbow

JB and Grampa are back in Spring Hill for a few days. JB had two more shifts to work, and Grampa was working on the home we rented there -- getting all the holes patched and walls fixed so we could return it to our Landlord the way we got it. There are new renters moving in just a few days after we move out so we really wanted to have it looking good.

So it's just been Grama, me and the kids holding the fort here on the farm. I really hated to see JB leave us so soon after moving in, but it was the only way to get us settled before he starts shifts at his new hospital on June 1.

After dinner last night, we headed outside to the front porch. The boys wanted to practice shooting their bow and arrows. (They love these things!) And we all wanted to watch what we thought was an approaching thunderstorm. (It never did come our way.)

The video below isn't anything too exciting, but you do get a good look at the boys shooting, a rainbow, and Abigail talking about the angels bowling and giving her kisses. (We have told her that the birthmark on the side of her head is an "Angel Kiss.")

I am constantly amazed at how beautiful our new home is. I keep thinking, "This would be a wonderful vacation." And then I realize, no, it's not just a vacation. We get to live here!

We also set up the slip and slide and a hose and a kid's slide today and beat the heat in the middle part of the day with some fun times.

So excited about our new life here.

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