Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Funnies

Our Abigail is an incredibly adventurous eater. Click here to see a video of her chomping on an octopus in the Azores. The other day, JB cooked up a bowl of muscles, and out of our four children, only Abigail would try them. (She loved them!)

Later, she and I ran to the post office. Abigail held the door open for me as I was pushing Hannah in the stroller.
Me: "Wow! You have big muscles.
Abigail: "Yes I do."
Me: "How did you get those big muscles?"
Abigail: "I eat muscles with Daddy."


We were at a Botanical gardens by our house today. There was a large senior citizen group there and so the kids were getting spoken to by a lot of elderly folks. After one long conversation with a sweet older gentleman, Sidge turned to me and said, "Where do people get hang chin skin from?"


While visiting those gardens, we discussed that one section of the garden was relocated form another part of Nashville.
JB: "What steps would you need to take to move a garden?"
Sidge: "A lot of them."

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