Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Bought a Farm: More New Residents

More new residents are on their way to Bauernhof Kitsteiner. We have purchased two little girl pigs. They're Kune Kune -- American Guinea Hog Hybrids. They will be breeding stock meaning they should be around for awhile. The plan is that these two females will be the mommies for many other piglets. In other words, we won't eat them for quite some time.

Their babies? Can't say as much for them.

These moms and their babies will be pasture-fed meaning that they will be fed off the land, as God would have originally intended. We will end up using the pork for our own table but will also sell the pork to other people who want to eat meat raised right.

These pigs were born to a farmer that my husband is friends with. He only lives a few hours from us. They will be ready to join the farm sometime in July.

That means we have: Guinea fowl, Geese, ducks, pigs, and cows. (Although the cows don't belong to us for this season at least.)

Some people have asked how we think Mr. Scrubs will do with all these animals. We aren't sure. He's done find with the cows but all these little birds might be a different story. So we'll be training him to act dignified -- just like we did with our four human babies. 

Five days until we live on the farm forever!


Anonymous said...

I love piggies! I grew up on a hog farm and loved it. They smell horrible, but taste so good. :D


Anonymous said...

They are so so adorable! But please don't eat them. It is beyond me how anyone can love a dog and not eat it but eat a pig or any other animal. Sigh. All God's creatures are so beautiful and just meant to live and be loved.
I think your farm life sounds dreamy!! (Well minus the eating the farm animals part). Can't wait to see all the new adventures!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

To 2nd anonymous ... unfortunately we are going to eat our meat. We truly believe that it provides the most well-rounded diet. However, I appreciate your different viewpoint and that you continue to read my blog despite this small difference :)