Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Bought a Farm: More good byes!

One great thing about the last year? Living just four hours away from one of my very bestest friends: Sarah Stebbins (whom I called "Stebbs".) 

She is in Alabama, and we've gotten to see each other a bunch during the last year. We've been attempting a last "hurrah" before I move to the farm and she PCS's (she's still in the military) to Nebraska this summer.

So many things tried to stop this get-together. Two ice storms, a conflict on her part, and a sickness on our part meant this was our fifth attempt. But we finally got it down and convened in Birmingham (around 2-2.5 hours for both of us) for the day.

We went to McWane Science Center. Great place. Great day!

Afterwards we ate lunch at a park. These three have been buddies since they were under two years old.

Couldn't tell which picture I liked best.

Not the best angle but a pretty good first-picture attempt by Sidge.

Not sure what I would have done in Turkey without this lady! She is so real, so easy, and so fun. She truly kept me from going over the edge on many occasions. 

Guess you can tell we were just a little tired on the way home!

Out like a light!

They had a really cool exhibit at the science center where you could ride a bike out on a tension wire. Abigail was a bit too small, and of the boys, only Sidge would attempt it (after watching Stebbs do it.) Here's a video of my courageous boy:

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