Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Moving Break

In the midst of moving and boxes and packing, the local library was having a Superhero party to kick-off their new reading program. We decided to put on our costumes and head on over to check it out.
The best picture I could manage of the four superheros. From left: Supergirl, Batgirl, Thor, and Captain America.

Of course Abigail spotted a Mermaid (Ariel?) and that is who SHE wanted a picture with. Hannah was off to the side, sobbing, and wanted nothing to do with this picture.

Hannah giving her best "I'm not going to smile for your picture" face. I tried to talk to the girls into wearing opposite costumes since Hannah's was so long and Abigail's was so short. But Abigail was insistent that she had to wear her Supergirl costume. (Thanks Ms. Patty and Mr. Meal!)

I say no ALL THE TIME. As a mom of four, there is constantly something to say "No" about. Get her hair spray painted green? Did I want her to do this? Heck no! But say no when it "washes right out?" (Or so they say.) I said yes. I thought it looked quite gross ...

... but she was mighty proud of it.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Superheroes...
Super Girl OBVIOUSLY has to have green hair! That is the cool way. 💖 and miss you all!