Saturday, May 16, 2015

We Bought a Farm: It's Time to Go

We now leave in just over one week.

I decided when I moved to Tennessee that I would not make any friends. We were only going to be living in our location for about a year, and I was just so tired of saying good bye and having my heart ripped out every time that I didn't want to risk it if in fact the farm we found required a big move.

Julie spotted me after an open gym day at the local Christian gymnastics gym a few weeks after we moved here. She saw my Portuguese license plates and being new to the area herself, approached me. I remember thinking as she walked up to me, "Please don't talk to me. You look awfully nice and I think we could be friends. And I'm not going to make any friends." But Julie didn't hear the innermost recesses of my mind and she introduced herself, said she noticed the plates, and wanted to know if we wanted to connect. 

We met a few days later at a local water park for a homeschool day. Throughout the year that followed, we continued to check up on each other, get our kiddos together to play, and just support each other in homeschooling.

Julie has three fantastic kiddos, and the other day, we had a final hurrah at one of our family's favorite places: The Nashville Zoo. After all my prevention-of-friend-making, God knew that having Julie would give my heart just enough padding to not feel lonely in this temporary stopover. He is so cool like that.

Thanks Julie for being my friend. I needed you. Until we meet again!

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