Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Paddington Movie quote

I watched the movie Paddington with the kids last night. What a sweet movie! The kids laughed so hard, and aside from a few choice things, it was pretty wholesome and just fun. I was especially intrigued by a quote near the end of the movie when Mr. Brown is defending Paddington. Made me think of adoption and the truth behind it.

"It doesn't matter that he comes from the other side of the world or that he's a different species or that he has a worrying marmalade habit. 
We love Paddington. And that makes him family. And families stick together."

Mr. Brown from the 2014 movie Paddington


Jennifer said...

We watched it the other night and that line made me tear up too!

sony a7ii said...

My niece's and nephew absolutely adore this movie! They can laugh and have a good time while enjoying this movie! My nephew was off the wall the other night and as soon as I put this movie in he was laying down watching it! He's such a picky person when it comes to movies too, because he usually only wants to watch Cars 80 billion times throughout the night!