Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Let the farm life begin!

JB and his dad have returned from Spring Hill. They left the keys and garage door opener and pool pass on the counter. The new renters will be moving in on June 1st.

We no longer live there. We live here. On a farm. In the foothills of the Smokey Mountains.

It is official now. There is no other house to return to after our weekend is complete. Tomorrow JB will do his first shift at a new hospital.

We really, honestly, truly, bought a farm. And we really, honestly, truly live on that farm.

And I am seriously still in complete awe of the whole thing.

Last night we plopped down in our king sized bed, still on the floor since we can't find the hardware for our bed. (We are both blaming each other vehemently for this huge oversight.) The windows were open, and it even though it was 9pm, it was still light outside.

We rested there and listened as complete silence permeated through the walls of our home. You could see rolling hills through the window. There was a random "Moo" or the croak of a frog, but otherwise, you heard ... nothing. Not a car. Not a voice. Not a sound.

I couldn't help but think, "This feels fake. This can't be our home. Surely it will be time to pack up and head back to the real world tomorrow."

But the real world is right here on this farm. We are doing this. We are going to live here and raise our children here.

I keep looking at Hannah and thinking, "This is the only home she will ever know. She will never remember her life before we moved into this home. She will be a farm girl forever."

I can have a clothes line now. We have cows. And there are ducks and geese and guinea fowl arriving in a few weeks. The boys were playing with a frog. There are ticks galore. Rodents are part of the landscape.

This is crazy!

It will not be a perfect life. Already it is quite evident that this farm house will be a tight fit for our four growing children and will need some big changes if we are going to squeeze four teenagers into its walls. My kitchen does not have enough cabinets. And there is not a coat closet. (Who builds a house on a farm without a coat closet?!)

The grocery stores around these parts stink. The soil is of a far less quality than JB would have liked to purchase. We had to replace one of our wells before we moved in.

Life will not be without challenges, and yes, there could be an easier life somewhere simpler.

But it would not be the life we have dreamed about and my husband has planned for since we were married.

This is the life want.

And it's time to start living it.

Let's the farm life begin!

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