Monday, May 18, 2015

Things Hannah is saying

Hannah is the best talked of my four kiddos. She says everything! This is so different to me after Abigail who signed like a crazy person but barely said a word until she was 2.5.

Here are a couple of fun things she has been saying:

"Purple flowers."
"Brush my hair."
"Shoes on."
"Baby Jesus."
"Pink birdie."
"Flip-flops outside." (I want to put on these flip-flops so you'll let me go outside.)

I actually had the following conversation with her this morning:

Me: "Where is Abigail?"
Hannah: "Room."
Me: "Where is Sidge?"
Hannah: "Couch. Game." (He's sitting on the couch playing a game.)
Me: "What is that?"
Hannah: "Daddy's shirt."
Me: "Let's go get a granola bar."
Hannah: "Okay."

In addition, she has started saying "high five." It is so stinkin' cute, and I have tried, without fail to catch her on video saying it. However, this little stinker! Every time I turn on the video, she refuses to do it.

But the video below demonstrates Hannah's personality on so many levels. She knows exactly what I am asking of her and refuses until I offer a substantial bribe. And you'll get to see her continued obsession with shoes. (You will also hear her say all her grandparents names. We have no idea why, but she calls JB's mom My-no even though she can clearly pronounce Grampy for JB's dad.)


Anonymous said...

Wendi......she is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The bribe was worth hearing her say it, though.....Loved it.

Anonymous said...

miss her!
Grampy says she's a pill:)