Friday, January 30, 2015

Our friend Briana

Briana and Abigail playing make-up

The kids, not cooperating for a photo yet again

Briana and I can't even remember how we really met. I mean, I know she married my first cousin, Ryan. But Ryan and I weren't in very close contact at the time of his marriage. They lived in Washington. We were in Florida. But somehow, and most likely through the unifying bond of infertility, Briana and I became great friends.

The only time Briana and I had met, prior to this week, was back in 2010, when we took a vacation to Washington State and connected with them for a quick dinner.

Isaac, me, Ryan, Sidge, and Briana

Over the years that followed, Briana has become a very dear friend to me through our nearly daily Facebook chats. And when they agreed to be one of our new Because of Isaac couples, our bond grew even stronger.

When I learned that JB was going out of town for the week and that my in-laws were probably going to be gone at the same time, I asked Briana if she would consider spending a week helping me in Tennessee. She agreed and flew out from their current home in Denver to keep me company and majorly help me!

Oh what a wonderful week we have had. Briana is a true kindred spirit. We see the world so similarly and my kids absolutely ADORE her. My kids are pretty particular about the people they connect with and all four of them have connected intensely with her. She and Ryan are going to be AMAZING parents. Please continue to pray for the baby they are waiting to be their's forever. (And if you could, pray that it happens FAST!)

So blessed to have had her this week!

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