Saturday, January 03, 2015

Science Center

We have a yearly membership to a science center about 45 minutes from us. So after our pool outing (see post below), we headed over there for some inside fun. What a great place this science center is as it is specifically designed for kids under 10!

Charleigh loved this auto mechanic station.

Here she is doing some work under the car.
Abigail crying while Sidge does car work. (She wanted a turn.)

Abigail with her turn under the car.

This airplane exhibit is only open a few times a day, and we finally timed a visit where they could get a turn!

Charleigh's turn!

I tried to explain to the lady running the exhibit that this face courtesy f Abigail actually meant she was cautiously having fun.

Isaac so excited to get a try.

Sidge and AD contemplating Tic-Tac-Toe strategy.

Abigail in the Arts-n-Crafts room.

This water works station has been getting more and more popular for Sidge each time we come.

Isaac trying to send his boat upstream.

Abigail and Baylee operating the levers to get this ball to move from one side to the other.

Sidge is really getting into things like this -- gears and how to make things work.

Baylee getting her paint on!

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