Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What makes a good day

Sometimes, at the end of the day, I look back, and I see nothing substantial.

If I looked back on yesterday, I'd probably have chalked it up to a not good day. I fought a headache off for much of the day and there were lots of moments I felt like I wasn't the best mom and the kids were fighting a little bit more than they should have been and Daddy was working and the dog was driving me crazy ...

And so when I look back I see a day that held nothing really ... consequential. 

I know that sounds negative, but is the truth.

About how I feel.

But not about reality.

Because while I may feel that nothing substantial occurred, there were lots of inconsequentials that actually, when added up, made for a jam packed ... substantial day.

I have to remind myself, all the time, that it isn't the big things that equal substantial. 

In my house, on any given day, it is unlikely that we made a Pinterest-worthy craft. And it is not likely whatsoever that my kids had on all the right clothes or ate all the right foods or went on a family outing that resulted in photos plastered on Facebook to make everyone jealous. There are toys scattered everywhere and dishes in the sink and smears on the wall and a yard with dog poop that really needs to be picked up before we have another freeze.

There are lots of moments that are sort of a mess.

(In fact, we got to church the other day, and while admiring how cute the girls hair and dresses were, I realized that I completely forgot to brush the boys hair and in fact, Isaac had put on his own shirt completey inside out.)

(Fifty percent success counts for something I think.)

And in the mist of the non-substanital ...

I saw Abigail give the dog a kiss.

(And I captured it on camera which is no small feat.)

And we'll look past the fact that it is the middle of winter but she wanted to wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts and I let her.

And then, on a beautiful 60 degree day in the middle of January, we went to the park (after realizing the Library was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day), and with no prompting at all, I stopped and realized that all four of my kids were on the swings at the same time, next to each other, and that I had a phone and could snap a photo of it. And even though it would be blurry and not at all an awesome photo, I would always remember that moment.

There were silly giggles that occurred and impromptu hugs and legos stepped on and, oh yeah, a banana found on the window sill. 

There were tiny bits of inconsequential that added up to something substantial.

And that ... makes a good day.

And so, I'm going to be okay with the fact that I wasn't on my best mom game and instead embrace the little bits of craziness that made my day ... substantial.

I hope you, will do the same.


Jan Swisher said...

Now, this was a "substantial" post (not that your others are not). I am such a goal setter for myself that I use to really battle this when my children were small, and I even find myself doing it in my retirement days! Loved reading this, Wendi!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Wen! mom

TAV said...

Yes, really echoes what I'm feeling. All I feel like I do is clean up baby vomit and yet these last 4 weeks have definitely been ... Substantial :)

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

great post Wendi!