Friday, January 16, 2015

The Human Destructo

Feeling the kitchen floor really, really, really needed a cleaning, I opted to shut Hannah out of the kitchen for just ten minutes, working as hard as I could to clean the kitchen as fast as I could. 

When I came out, the living room was absolutely covered with toys. They were down the hallway and into the playroom. I snapped a picture, but honestly, the picture doesn't really show the full scope since I just took it from one angle. 

So I debate. Is it even worth cleaning the kitchen? I love this kiddo with every fibre of my being but she lives up to her name on an hourly basis. We call her The Human Destructo. We even have a warning system in place. The kids will shout, "Hannah alert!" anytime something is in danger of being broken (things or bones). Those words means mom comes running.

The other day I came in and both boys were giving the Hannah alert warning. One boy was on one side of the dining room table. The other boy was on the other. They were trying to stop Hannah, who had climbed onto our high kitchen table, from tumbling off.

I have had the same kitchen table for all my kids. The first three never climbed onto a chair! 

Forget the chairs. This chick is on the table!


At her finest.

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