Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Funnies

How we found Abigail when asked to put her pajamas on by herself.


JB was holding Abigail and Hannah on his lap. He gave them both hugs and said:
JB: "I love you two. You are my girls."
Abigail: "Yeah Daddy." (Then she pointed to her brothers sitting on the couch.) "And those are your stinky boys."


I was reading the boys a fable about how it was better to have "good stuff" than "showy stuff." I read how the deer didn't like his legs but thought his antlers were stunning -- only to find his end stuck in a branch by his antlers, despite his hard running legs.
Me: "It's sort of like having a really nice pair of tennis shoes. Do you think having a really nice pair of tennis shoes is the best thing ever?"
Sidge: "No."
Me: "What is better than awesome shoes?"
Sidge: "God?"
Me: "Well, yes, of course God. But what would be something a bit smaller that is better than tennis shoes?"
Sidge: "Legos?"

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