Thursday, January 22, 2015

'Sup Dawg!

This picture illustrates, yet again, what an amazing dog we have. Oh the things this dog allows all of these kids to do to him never ceases to amaze me.

But it also shows the skin problem Scrubs is having. See all those horizontal lines on him? This dog has more allergies than I do!

I'm going to try a Benadryl regimen starting tomorrow -- to try and see if we can combat it without another trip to Vet. I had hoped America would cure of him of his allergies.

Guess not.

But he's still a super, awesome good boy!


DDT said...

Hi Wendi,

Our Golden Retriever has allergies also and we tried Benadryl and it made her extremely drowsy. An alternative that our vet recommended was to use Reactine (we use the generic version). We give her one pill a day and it seems to help without the drowsiness.

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

Another OTC option is... well, I can't remember the drug name, but the Walmart Equate version is called ChlorTabs. We use that on our dogs when they have allergy flare-ups, and it doesn't make them sleepy. I can't remember the dosage off the top of my head, but our dogs are around 60 lbs, and they take 3 ChlorTabs.

Good luck - those allergies can be a doozy! We actually had to do allergy testing and shots with one of our dalmatians. Yikes!


Heather said...

Most commonly for doggie food allergies, it's the protein they will be allergic to. Have you tried kibbles based with other meats in them? Good luck to you & Scrubs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi I too have a dog with severe allergies, I give him a fish oil capsule daily, also 500mg Quercetin with 500 mg vit C. the Vit C works with the Quercetin to make it more effective. It works wonders in him, he will turn ten next month.
Only after moving to the Knoxville area was I told that this is the allergy capital of the nation.
Just some thoughts.

Wendi M.