Friday, January 16, 2015

Alumni Game!

I am so excited! Tomorrow my awesome mother and father-in-law are watching the kiddos as JB has to work so that I can drive up to Bowling Green, KY for my first ever Western Kentucky University alumni game. (No we don't play -- just attend.) I am most excited to see some old friends. My former roommate Kristi Hartley Hunt and I haven't seen each other since before I left for Turkey! The four years I spent at WKU from 1995-1999 were some of the most challenging and amazing years of my life. To get your college paid for to play a sport you love and travel the world and meet such incredible people was truly an honor I didn't truly understand until I grew up some more. I promise to take a lot of pictures of me and some of the greatest women I know. See you tomorrow gals!

With Kristi

One of my dear friends, the legendary Jaime Walz Richey!

Good ol' LaVonda

Katashia and JB were great buds. I love this girl!

Leslie! She credits me with her graduation diploma for all the study help I provided. (I do think my name should have at least been on it somewhere!)

On a team trip to Kristi's family ranch in New Mexico.

The four graduating seniors: Shea, Kristi and Katashia. Three gals that I am still very close to and consider lifelong friends.

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Excited for you!!