Monday, January 05, 2015

We bought a farm: Bringing the brother

At nearly the very last minute, my brother and his family decided they wanted to make the four drive out to our farm. We are always looking to head out there and bring a U-haul trailer full of stuff so we were excited to take them over there and show them our soon-to-be-home. (We are planning on moving in sometime in May.) It was an absolutely amazing day -- 60 degrees and no rain!

First up, a complete tour of the farm. We took this picture on the old swing in front of the old 2/1 farmhouse. The six Huisman cousins: Sidge (almost 6), Hannah (16 months), Abigail (3.5), Charleigh (5.5), Baylee (almost 4), and Isaac (6.5).

After a good tour of the farm, JB and Big Keith headed out to pick up some new beds for the girls! JB has finally talked me into not keeping the full-sized bed for Abigail (and Hannah to sleep in when she is old enough) and instead get them each their own double bed.

Apparently, JB gave the kiddos a long tutorial while I was taking a short hike with Keith and AD about their abilities as coyote hunters. (We still have 2 coyotes on the farm that need to be removed!) They spent nearly the entire afternoon "hunting" the land with their big spears. 

Talking about their plans for getting the coyotes. 

When it started getting a little too cold to play outside, we came in for some make-shift we-don't have-a-lot-in-this-house games.

Keith and AD got up early on Sunday morning ad headed out with their girls for the 12-14 hour drive back to South Florida.

It was so wonderful to spend over a week with my brother and his family. I haven't gotten to spend quality time with them since before we left to go overseas. It was wonderful to catch-up, get to know their girls, and see how wonderfully our kiddos got along. 

We'll miss you guys!

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