Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOI Auction!

We are preparing to launch our third Because of Isaac auction and are so excited about all of the donations coming in. Please take a moment to check out our auction in its new format by clicking here. 
Instead of running the auction through this blog, it will instead be run through Facebook which will hopefully be easier for everyone on all ends.

We are setting our goal VERY high for this auction. We are going to try and see if we can raise $3,000, but in order to do that we really need YOUR help.


(1) If you can think of anything that you can donate, please email me at flakymn@hotmail.com. There truly is nothing too big or too small and nearly any item can be listed. Look around your house, think of your talents, or think of something you might be able to purchase, and let me know before January 25. If you don't have anything yourself, maybe you know someone you could ask to make a donation.

(2) Bid and encourage all your friends to bid! And remember, it isn't so much about winning an item but about getting items to go harder and donating to a good cause.

We now have 149 items donated and more coming in every day. SO EXCITING!

Can't wait to launch this awesome event on January 25 at 8am CST!


Anonymous said...


I just found your video from 2012.

So did one of the IVF procedures work?

Plus you adopted after that?

Your little boy is so cute.

I just finished (October 2014) my 2nd round of IVF--unsuccessful/so sad.

I am starting the adoption process. Have chosen the agency and the home study agency. I hope to celebrate 2015 Christmas with my new baby.

Started the process with my spouse, but now he is in a far country. He would be happy if he know how far I have come.

Pray Pray Pray for me. I want my family.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yes! We went back for our remaining embryos and it worked.

We adopted first ,had 2 surprise pregnancies, and then we had 1 baby via IVF!