Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Funnies

The boys attended their cousin Nate's basketball game. I told them I wanted them to try to learn a few things about a new sport and tell them to me later. After the game, I asked them what they learned. They didn't have anything to share, so I started prompting them for answers.
Me: "What does a person do when they are moving from place to place?"
Sidge: "Run?"
Me: "Okay, yes, but what do they have to do with the ball when they are moving from place to place?"
Isaac: "They have to drop it to the ground and pick it up again."
Me: "And what is that called?"
Sidge: "We don't know."
Me: "It is called dribbling."
Isaac: "Is that like drool?"


I told Sidge to brush his teeth, shortly after he had finished his popsicle. "But Mommy," he began. "If I brush my teeth now, I'll lose my blue tongue."


While in the van, Sidge was crying hard, emotional, as he can get when he is overtired. I explained that he needed to calm down.
Sidge: "I can't."
Me: "It's fine if you can't. But if you can't, you'll need to lay down and get some rest when we get home."
Sidge: "Because if I am crying it means I am tired?"
Me: "That is often the case."
Sidge: "Okay. Well I'm trying not to say anything."
Isaac: "If you want to not say anything, just close your mouth and then no words can come out."


The kids and I went over to a friends house and played out in the woods. That evening, Isaac told JB he felt something funny on the back of his head. Sure enough, it was a TIC! JB has had plenty of experience with these but still could not get the head on this one all the way out. It was very deep, and he was going to have to do a lot of digging around to get it out. He decided he would numb up Isaac's head to get it out. Isaac was quite upset and did not want to put his head on Daddy's lap. JB finally said, "Listen. You have two choices. You do this with me, here, now, or we go to the ER and let another doctor do it. Which idea do you like?"

Isaac looked at him, tears running down his face and said, "I think they are both terrrrrrible ideas!"

Can't argue with that.

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