Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Another Visit

JB had three days off in a row, which doesn't happen all that often. He realized it on a Thursday and by Saturday morning, we went again to the farm. 

We find that any free chance we have, we get excited to head back, do some work there, and just relax as a family. It is only a four hour drive, and each time we go, we take a trailer-full of stuff to make our final move easier. 

This time we took the opportunity to meet two of our neighbors. I use the term "neighbors" loosely as it would taken upwards of fifteen minutes to walk from our house to their house. But still, we thought it would be a nice gesture to meet them. 

The kids also got to experience walking on ice for the first time. All three of our ponds were frozen. The kiddos carefully did their first ice walking, and we also named two of the ponds. With the help of Isaac, we now have "Chicken pond" (because it looks like a Chicken running) and "Superman pond" (because it looks like Superman's insignia.) Since the third pond is by Grampa and Grama's house, we are waiting for them to name that one.

Here are a few photos of the kids on the ice:

Scrubs also gave everyone a scare when he stepped out, the ice cracked, and he jumped further out. Very close call (and hopefully now, one that he won't let happen again.)

It is so incredibly peaceful in the house on the farm. There is no noise. There is no light. It is simply a dark and star-filled sky with total silence echoing around. While inside, we made some fun of our own. Here are the kids playing in the hats Daddy bought them:

We also ventured to our biggest city-- which is about 45 minutes away. Just wanted to look around a bit and see what our biggest city looked like. We stopped at Walmart for a few things, and Abigail made a new friend:

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