Friday, January 02, 2015

3rd Because of Isaac Auction

We are going to be launching our THIRD Because of Isaac auction the last week of January. This auction will be raising money for Kevin & Tessa and their adoption costs!

Kevin and Tessa -- hoping to add a child to their awesome family.

Our first two auctions were a great success. The first raised over $1,000. Our section auction doubled the amount raised. We raised over $2,000 during our section auction.

We are setting our goals high for this third auction. We are hoping that we can break the $3,000 mark for Kevin and Tessa!

But we REALLY need your help to get this done.

What do we need? Well, we need YOU to donate items to the auction. To take a look at some of the items that were donated previously, click on the links below:

Auction #1
Auction #2

This auction will be held a bit differently than the first two. We will be holding this auction on a Facebook page which will hopefully make the work on my end a bit easier. The items will be put up on a page and people can just leave a comment to bid on them.

We need ALL KINDS OF ITEMS. I am asking every single person reading this page to think of ONE thing that you can donate. It can be something you got for Christmas. It can be an old picture hanging in your hallway that just doesn't match your decor anymore. It can also be something that you go out and buy just for the auction!

All you have to do is email me at and send me a picture of the item (or a link to a similar one online.) Then, when the auction is complete, I will send you an email giving you the address of the person who won your item. You mail the item, and you are done!

Please let me know if you can help us hit the $3,000 mark for this amazing couple!

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