Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some videos to share:

Here are some videos that while, not incredibly exciting, do tell a little about our life right now.

Package from Tara Receiving packages from people back in the USA is SO wonderful. I cannot tell you how awesome and loved it makes us feel. Our good friend from Mayo, Tara, sent us a package. We get interrupted in the video by some neighbors stopping by, but it was so wonderful of Tara to think of us. She wrote in the card that she thought that while we are getting ready to say good bye to friends, she could send us some love to remind us of our other friends. So wonderful! Folks, if I love these packages THIS much, I cannot imagine how much they mean to deployed servicemen and women. If you know one, PLEASE send them something today.

Abigail wrestles Isaac Here is Abigail attempting to get Isaac's apples. It also shows Hatice and how much BOTH Scrubs and Abigail are IN LOVE with her. Abigail has, honestly, started choosing Hatice over me sometimes, despite the fact that she only sees her 1 or 2 times a week. And Scrubs, well, if someone gave you 10 times more treats then normal, wouldn't you love them too?

William joins the fam Here is the biggest news going on currently. We have added a boy to our family. Not really, but William (Stebbs' son) is staying with us for four days while his parents get to attend an award ceremony in Germany for Ryan. William's dad is quite the officer and is up for a big award that Sarah went with to see him possibly get. Another family has him during the days and we are taking him from 5pm-8am every evening. He is such an easy kid. It truly doesn't feel very different.*

P.S. William slept until I woke him up this morning -- 8:30am. All my kids had been up for nearly three hours. I cannot fathom how different my life would be with three Williams!

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