Sunday, March 25, 2012

Abigail Speaks: Date Night

Shane and Linda took the kiddos over night last night so that JB and I could have a bit of a getaway. We went and saw the movie Hunger Games (AWESOME!), ate dinner on the terrace overlooking the huge Adana Mosque, something I had always wanted to do, and then we stayed in one of the suites in the hotel on Base. It was a fantastic 18 hours in our life, and we needed to just be husband and wife again so much! So very fun. I decided that, since I wasn't there, I'd let Abigail tell you about the rest of our evening:

The first thing they did is strap me into my car seat so that we could go to the BX for dinner. I was happy with that because I can keep a good eye on my brothers from my car seat. And, I really like Burger King.

Mr. Shane wasn't steering me so good. So Ms. Linda took over. Here was my view the rest of the way. Perfect. This way I can make sure everyone is doing as they are supposed to do.

Mommy would be proud that the boys waited at the curb until a growned-up person told them they could cross.

Ms. Linda being silly! She's a very special lady, and I thought this crown was so her!

My big brudder Isaac looking so grown up. He loves to look at car magazines which is why Mr. Shane is a perfect babysitter for him since he likes motorcycles and cool cars too. (Daddy and Mommy make sure they don't have pretty ladies in them and Shane did the same thing.)

All right. Finally. Time for dinner. I really needed some caffeine!

But first, I must figure out how to use this red thing. What the heck? 

Despite these adorable faces and pitiful looks I kept giving Mr. Shane, it got me nowhere! All I got was a measly ketchup pack. I am sure going to have to work on my feminine wiles. 

 Yes folks. You counted right. Two cones. And none for me. how fair is THAT? I was quite disappointed at this point. So disappointed, that I decided I'd get them back with a dirty diaper! What power I have.

 This is why I thought vanilla woulda made a much better choice.

That's a lot a chocolate. (Mommy would be proud.)

Time for a bath. It's also time for a hair cut, don't you think?

We are hoping to get to see Shane & Linda a lot when life takes us to the Azores and them to Germany as we will only be a rotator away. They are such great friends to us and all our kids (including the black and white spotted one.) Thank you dear friends for blessing us beyond words! We love you both so much!

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