Monday, March 19, 2012

Snowman failure

I have been reading a great blog that a fellow blog reader suggested to me. It is called No Time For Flashcards. It was started by a preschool teacher and is deigned to give parents an accessible resource for parents and teacher filled easy-to-follow and fun activities. 

On it, I got the idea to make these snowmen.  The boys, especially Isaac, loves marshmallows, so I thought making snowmen out of marshmallows would be fun. I didn't have any food coloring markers, but I thought we could just wing that part. 

The boys had fun. They ate a lot of marshmallows. They sort of made some snowmen. So the activity wasn't a complete bomb. But ad to it the fact that Scrubs ran away in the middle and Abigail lost her mind that I wasn't holding her, and it didn't go nearly as I had hoped. Oh well. It burned about five minutes, and I got a cute picture of Elijah with a toothpick in his hair!

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