Friday, March 02, 2012

Our AD

Our AD is awesome. We cal her AD. Not Aunt AD. She just wants to be called AD. She thinks it is cooler and not as old-sounding as Aunt AD. Our Mommy was really happy to be able to spend much more time with AD and our cousins, Charleigh (3) and Baylee (1) then we thought we were going to get. Look at all the fun things we got to do while we were with AD,


Isaac and Elijah

We went to the pool:

We played with toys, and even had a "music parade" with each person getting a turn to be the leader. The parade even got to out into the driveway! (Here is Elijah showing off one of his favorite toys):

We made our own pizzas and then ate them:

AD put food coloring into whip cream and let us finger paint:

She bought cool bubble wands. We each got one, but we thought it was more fun to be "bubble slayers" with the wands and let AD or Mommy blow the bubbles.

We even spent the night one night at their house. The new room was a little different to us so we asked Papa, who was over for dinner, to lay with us. He did such a good job. (That's him asleep in the middle of us!)

We are so lucky to have such a cool aunt. She is always running and playing and goofing around with us. She really is just a tall kid. We like her a lot. We will miss her a lot. We love you AD and Big Keef and Charleigh and Baylee.

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