Monday, March 19, 2012

Dave, Beth & Club Beyond

Dave and Beth are not employees of the U.S. Government. They are simply servants. They are funded by donators. They serve the youth on the Base of Incirlik through "Club Beyond" which is a fancy way of saying Youth Group. 

Last night was "Youth Sunday" at our Chapel. Club Beyond headed up the entire service. In two years here, I have never been so incredibly blessed  as I was last night. The Youth led worship (it was awesome!), they had three youth give a testimony, and they performed (under the tutelage of the lovely Linda Jones) the famous Lifehouse Skit. If you have not seen this skit, I am including the link to the original performance which has produced thousands of replications. Trust me, it is worth five minutes of your time. If you can watch it without goosebumps or tears, I'll be shocked.

The last young man to give his testimony was a teenager from the streets of Chicago who came to Incirlik alone and confused. His life has been transformed by Dave & Beth and the volunteers at Club Beyond.

And that may all change.

I wrote about this in a previous post. To make a very long story slightly shorter, the Turkish government wants all contract employees here on the Base -- in other words, those not in the military but working on Base, to start paying Turkish taxes. This would be approximately 30% of their salary. This is just not possible. Not really for anyone and especially not for people like Dave & Beth.

So Dave & Beth may have to leave. Leave a place that they feel called. Leave a place that is transforming the lives of teenagers. Teenagers that encouraged me last night that my children can grow up loving the Lord. That they cannot fall into the temptations that so many teens do.

This issue is in the top courts of Turkey right now. The leadership is hammering it out. But it is not looking good, in man's eye. We know, however, what God is capable of. Miracles. So would you join me in praying for a miracle. Pray that Dave & Beth can continue their work here in Turkey.



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Thank you for bringing attention to this! I will definitely join you in prayer.

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