Friday, May 28, 2010


I got this email from my online friend "Funky Monkey." We have both traveled a hard road. And after years of infertility, we now both have two boys, and we can now both laugh at what she wrote below:


One of the things I love most about Jon Kai is his verbal skills. They are very strong! It has made the Terrible Twos somewhat more bearable, because he can voice his problems instead of just crying.

But the other day, he sat on the sofa next to me while I caught up on some blogs. I was busy reading yours when Jon points to the laptop screen and goes, "Who dat Momma?" I said, that's mommy's friend Wendi. Wendi has two little boys at her house like you and Evan.

I point out the picture on the right of your blog screen where Isaac is straddling Elijah and appears to be putting him in a headlock. Jon immediately goes, "No hit boy! Dat not ni-ice! Be dentle (gentle)" LOL!

We are constantly telling JK, be gentle to the baby. So I hope he takes his own advice once our Bubby gets old enough to defend himself. :-) But I do foresee a lot of wrestling around at some point. My "little" brothers are well on their way to their 30's and still wrestle at every chance they get. There is something about close brothers that prevents them from honoring each others' personal space ... they are touching, smacking, hitting, noogy-ing at every opportunity.

So fun!

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