Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today, it happened.

We've had many close calls. But today, it actually happened.

Today, we lost something down the toilet.

Maybe I should feel lucky that I made it twenty-four months before it happened. I am not sure. But today I went in to use the bathroom. My usual entourage went with me -- two boys and the dog. I usually use the bathroom in the hall since it is bigger and there is room for everyone.

(This is why, when JB comes home, I often ask him if I can go "use the bathroom" by myself. I sorta miss my private time.)

Anyways, I finished my business and stood up. Then I flushed. I turned around to wash my hands and saw Isaac pick up John's "guard" for his razor. JB cuts his hair himself -- short -- and he uses the same guard all the time.

I guess he'll have to find a new one because not one second after I flushed, Isaac launched it into the toilet. He hit a hole in one and then we all waved buh-bye as the guard went somewhere way far away.

I saw Isaac pick up the guard, but quite honestly, Isaac's life has lulled me into a false sense of security. I would have bet any amount of money that his little brother would create our first toilet casualty. I've never seen Isaac even touch the water or put anything near the toilet before.

Until today.

So, please tell me I'm not the only one. Anyone else want to share their worst toilet experience either for yourself, your pet, or your kiddo?

P.S. Sorry JB!


Bobbie said...

I don't have a story yet, but as I was reading about your "entourage", I couldn't help but think that my time is not too far off. Isn't it sad that what we look forward to is going to the restroom alone?! Luckily our 2 dogs are outside...

The Khans said...

I don't know that any of the stuff my youngest threw in the toilet were worse, but he did throw litte astronaut men and water pens in. This made me wonder how clogged up the toilet would be, but thankfully they made it through successfully. My oldest never did this.
Melissa (Brittny's friend)

camfox said...

Moses tossed a cartridge to his Leap frog learning system thingy. Lauren clogged up the toilet with one of those foam bath-toy letters. Nathan had to remove the toilet, to get the thing out. Those were the worst ones. I think Margo threw something in the other day, but what ever it was, it wasn't that big of a deal obviously, since I can't even remember. We're not missing it, and thankfully it didn't clog the toilet.
I understand about the privacy thing. Mostly it's a party in the bathroom, but sometimes, I just lock the door and deal with the knocking and tears, etc.
So sorry about your foot Wendi.

denise said...

My last cell phone, about 1 1/2 ago. It never flushed all the way down. they sat there giggling and flushing over and over again. I rescued it and it actually dried out and worked!

Then after that a play spatula was flushed. It stuck in the neck of the toilet and would catch everything. So Dan had to take the toilet off and get it out.

Ugh, the messes!

Joy Z said...

Oh how you make me laugh Wendi!

We have had two of our six figure out that if you put the end of the toilet paper in the toilet and then flush, the entire roll comes unrolled and flushes down the toilet.

I also found one of my daughters with an entire tea party set up in the bathroom. Every cup and tea pot was filled with toilet water! Ugh!

Amazingly enough though, to my knowledge, we have never had anything flush down the toilet and clog it except for the standard too much toilet paper deal. Oh and I think maybe q-tips once. Nothing that a snake didn't fix.

AW said...

I don't have a story, but I'm sure I will before the year is out.

Something that made me feel better: I was watching the Duggard's TV show once and the dad, Jim Bob had to use some kind of toilet snake to get a Matchbox out. Michelle very calmly said with 19 children, she's had more than her share of toilet backups and started listing off numerous things that have been flushed down their commode.

Granted, they have 19 kids, but it just made me feel good that she was so calm about it...I aspire to be like that.