Thursday, May 06, 2010

I won!

My sweet mother nominated me for a Mother's Day Contest put on my Moody Radio (WRMB in South Florida). The contest requested nominees who "despite trials, difficulties, hardships and setbacks, has exemplified her commitment to Godly mothering."

And get this ... I won!

So unbelievable that I went from dreaming of being a mother to getting the opportunity to win a Mother's Day contest.

My Mom got a call this morning that they had announced me as one of the three winners on their program that morning. She had missed hearing it though! While she keeps the station on at work, she wasn't in her office at the time.

Here is the letter my Mom wrote.

Wendi has been married for 11 years and 5 of those years she and her husband battled infertility. I watched her go thru heart break and disappoint during those years. She had questions but she stayed steady in her faith.

They began to make plans for adopting from China.A young gal she used to babysit for and has kept in touch with over the years got pregnant at 17 and asked them to adopt her son.What a joy Isaac has been to our family.

Six weeks later Wendi found out she was 8 weeks pregnant. She had a very difficult labor and delivery and we had some tense moments, but now Elijah and Isaac are 2 and 15 months! What a joy!

I have watched Wendi with these boys and can see that God has given her a special anointing. To have two babies with different nap times. To have one toddling and one that needed to be carried every where and now both walking and into everything. Dealing with challenges of brothers taking each others' toys, still not always napping together and just trying to go places with two little ones is a challenge.

Her husband is in residency so has some long hours. Now they are making plans to move to Turkey for four years as part of the pay back for medical school through the Air Force. She is handling getting organized for that and looking forward to the experience of life overseas.

It has been a joy to watch her with these little guys and knowing she is raising some mighty soilders for the Kingdom of God. I would LOVE to see her be honored this Mothers' Say. She is a joy!

Mom, what a fantastic honor and blessing. I know that my years of infertility were tremendous faith-testers for me. How blessed I am to have the encouragement and love of so many wonderful people, including my Heavenly Father.

There were three baskets that you could win. My Mom picked the following one for me: "Building Up the Inner Mom" Basket including selections from best-selling Christian authors on subjects such as discovering your value as a woman of excellence, taking time to nurture your soul and seasons of a woman's life.

But this post isn't just about me. It's also about the fact that I want us all to remember those individuals who are facing loss on this upcoming day. Those women waiting to be married, waiting for children, or grieving the loss of the children that they never got to meet on Mother's Day.

Please remember these women on Sunday.


Amy T. S. said...

That is SOOOOO cool! I was hoping you won an all-expenses paid trip to San Antonio, but this is a cool prize, too. :o)

yuan family said...

That is such a nice letter from your mom. You deserve it Wendi!

Jess said...

Congrats! How cool!

I myself am not a Mother's Day fan for the reasons you listed at the end...too much pain for me, thanks, even though I'm not in it anymore.

TAV said...

Congrats, Wen! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed this when you posted it-just caught up and what a great surprise! Way to go Di! And congratulations, Wen-you really deserve this!!:)
love you,
mom k

Anonymous said...

I got tears in my eyes reading this! How like our Lord to add more blessing than even the great blessing of those two precious boysz@@ Don't you see Him smiling as you win a Mother's Day Contest! What a mom you have too!
PS I think you could download the program and find the announcement on line?

Anonymous said...

Brings tears and a smile!
I imagine God smiling too as He blesses you with this award, on top of those two precious boys!
Love Jan

Anonymous said...

Wendi, I knew you would have something on your site about Mother's Day and remembering those you are trying. Thank you for that! It says something to remember where you came from and the people that are still there. You are a blessing!
I saw your mom this morning and she made me cry. I was good all morning until she said 'you're not alone.'
So, thank you and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU!