Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bri & Boy

Before we left town, Joan and Bri stopped by. Joan was in Europe for most of our trip and Bri was studying for exams, so our time with both of them was limited during the two weeks we were home. Like always though, we made the best of the time we had.

Here's a few cute ones of Bri and Isaac. He is finally allowing his photo to be taken again (sometimes).

And here's one of Elijah saying "please" in order to get a goodie from Bri. Elijah changed sooo much over the last few weeks. He is signing like crazy (please, more, milk, all done, ni-night, eat etc.), understanding so much more, saying new words all the time, and just overall, listening much better.

Joan and Bri are driving up for Isaac's birthday party this coming weekend! Bri and Isaac share a birthday -- May 7th. Isaac's party will be on May 8th. We aren't sure when the two of them will get to celebrate again so we plan on, yet again, making the most of our time together.

I am also excited because my Oom Ed and Tante Jan are coming into town on Wednesday for a few days! We are blessed to be able to see them before our move to Turkey.

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