Friday, May 07, 2010

Isaac turns two

On May 7, 2008, the phone rang, and our life would change forever. A young woman, ten hours away, was in labor on her eighteenth birthday. Later that evening, she'd birth a tiny bundle of joy and call us to say "Come meet your son."

How amazingly blessed we have been to spend the last two years watching this tiny little baby turn into the boy he has become. Isaac John, you have melted our hearts. You remind us each day, with your sweet spirit and peaceful disposition, of our Heavenly Father's love for us in adopting us into the family of God. We feel incredibly priviledged and honored to be your Dad and Mom. After so many years dreaming of being parents, to be parents to a child like you went beyond our wildest expectations. We love you sweet son. Our prayer for you is that you continue to operate in the peace and kindness that radiates from your soul and that you grow to love the Lord and find happiness amongst the trials of the world. Thank you for being our little boy. Thank you Chris and Bri for picking us to be his Daddy and Mommy.

Joia also sent me her celebration post from two years ago!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,little guy! Grandpa and Grandma K love you to pieces:) and hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday! You are such a special answer to our prayers and we are so proud of you! Enjoy your day, Isaac and tell Mom to take lots of pictures!
love you, Grandma K
And Happy Birthday, Bri-Have the best birthday ever!

June said...

Happy birthday, Isaac! What a pleasure it has been for your "fan club" to watch you turn into an inquisitive little boy.

Papa and Grama Di said...

We love our boy!!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Isaac.

Rachel and Hans said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Gabbs said...

Happy birthday my little Isaac. Aunt "Dabby," Uncle Ray, Grace and Nate love you.

Becky said...

Beautiful Wendi! You have me tearing up. What a testimony to God's faithfulness!

Happy 2nd birthday Isaac!!!!

Joia said...

What a totally awesome day. I still remember that day Exactly! I had made chocolate covered cheesecake squares for wifia, and you "dutifully" sat down and ate exactly your share of them, like there was never going to be chocolate again (maybe your body knew something Huge was going to happen in the next couple of hours and you'd need a lot of chocolate on board for the long drive!!) Great memories! =)
Love you Isaac!!


Judy Woodford said...

2 years - wow, I remember the day too. Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac!!! What an amazing story!!

TAV said...

happy birthday, sweet isaac!