Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hoh Rainforest

The picture taken above was not one that we personally took, but this was the type of stuff we got to see while driving and walking through the Hoh Rain forest this afternoon. While we couldn't do any major hiking (you'll see me in my big ol' boot in one of the photos), we still had a wonderful time and a beautiful day.

And yes folks, that's a slug! JB called me a city girl when I didn't want to hold the slug. I corrected him. A "city girl" would have screamed and would have never let him show it to her boys. I simply wanted to respect the slug's space.

You may notice that I am not really providing any details on my blog for this trip about where we are going until after we have done it. John and I have decided, for the time being, that we will keep the blog public when we move to Turkey. Right now Blogger only allows you to make the blog private for 100 individuals. I have well over 200 requests to be a part of this blog, and I do not want to pick people. So for now, we will keep it public. I am not interested, at all, in picking and choosing the 100 people who can or cannot read my blog. That would be majorly stinky!

However, one way that I will be "editing" my blog from hereon out to help protect our family and more specifically our boys and my military husband is that I will not be mentioning where we are going on trips or outings we plan to take. I will instead keep things a bit more vague and also put trip updates up after they occur. While I am not doing this in its entirety right now (as I wrote about how, for instance, we were going to Washington), I am trying to start practicing a bit.

Hopefully this will work until a new technology allows me to protect the blog and allow more people to read.

Please continue to email me at to request blog access. I want to continue compiling my list in case one day we do change our mind and make the blog private.
Anyways ... off to watch some Veggie Tales and then head to bed. Gosh I love our new little Netbook! So cool.


Joia said...

This rainforest is GORGEOUS! Wow!

Unknown said...

I've had the boot and I feel your pain. My hip actually started hurting because the boot and my shoe wasn't the same height.

Brittny said...

ok, i'm not sure if i'm more jealous that you get to see that rainforest in person or that you can wear jeans and jackets again. i think it's both. your trip sounds awesome and i am so glad that you decided to go!!