Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday Morning

Since Joni and Bri came bearing all the gifts from my family and JB's family, we decided to have a mini-post-birthday-party-party on Sunday morning. It was also a bit of a Mother's Day celebration as well. Here are some photos from our Sunday morning.

Wanna know why I am laughing? JB accidentally got me the EXACT SAME Mother's Day card this year as he had given me last year. He felt quite silly, but I thought it was way fun.

Bri gave Isaac an animal-themed birthday. Here he is with his Safari adventure present complete with tree, car, people, and tons of little animal figurines.

I think JB was enjoying the new toys as much as Isaac and Elijah were.

Joni got Isaac a train set. Coupled with the school bus he got from Papa and Grama Di before we left (and the police car coming from Grampa and Grama K. and the rest of JB's family, and I think we have all modes of transportation covered.)


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Joy Z said...

The two cards the same two years in a row is hilarious!