Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatta Day!

Yesterday Bobbie took the boys for us for the day so that could have some "couple time." What an AMAZING day we had.

We took a short car ferry from Bobbie's house to Whidbey Island. We did some driving around and then got out at the Meerkerk Gardens. "Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens, a not-for-profit garden open to the public, encompasses ten acres of display and educational gardens enveloped by forty-three acres of woodland preserve with 4+ miles of nature trails." Here are some pictures from our time in these beautiful gardens.

This is called a Monkey Puzzle Tree. Apparently JB has wanted to see one of these for his entire life. These are not native to the area. The woman who owned the gardens bought it at a world fair in 1962 and it bloomed for the first time in 2007!

After our time in the gardens we stopped in Coupeville and ate at Mosquito Fleet Chili. This was the best chili and cornbread I have ever eaten. (And I don't even like Chili that much.) We finished it off with a piece of apple and triple berry pie. There were binoculars at the table so you could look out and see the seagulls dropping clams on the rocks. Simply delightful.

We finished off our day with a drive across Deception Pass on our way back to Jeff & Bobbie's.

It is amazing how just a few hours being a wife and best friend rejuvenates you. It's been a long time since John and I have taken a date. And this will go down as one of my favorites. What a time we had. Thanks Bobbie (and kids) for giving me this chance.


Rachel and Hans said... always look pretty, but that photo of you and JB (third from bottom, I think) is wonderful! You look relaxed and beautiful!

Also - glad you are having a great trip. We took a family vacation to the same areas in high school and loved it. Such pretty scenery!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Thanks Rachel. Relaxed was the name of the day.I even took a nap in the car. I so needed just a short break.

Joia said...

What a sweet and beautiful post! Sooo glad you guys had this time together, you needed and deserved it! Miss you!