Friday, February 12, 2010


We just got back from getting Elijah his 12 month shots and blood draw (to check for anemia.) First of all, the weather is terrible. They are actually calling for rain and snow here. I've heard that this is the worst winter this area has had in NINETY years! What is what that?

Secondly, no joke. Elijah was the one getting the shots. But from the moment we walked in the door of the immunization clinic, Isaac was the one who cried. Hard. Started sobbing. He knew exactly where we were and did NOT want any part of it. Elijah never cried. They only had one guy giving shots so they had to stick him four times. He cried for about one second and then got up to walk around. That was it.

Next, the blood draw. They said they can't do it in his heel if he has been walking for awhile. Uh, yeah, he's been walking for three months so that is out. His feet are no longer "baby feet." So instead we do a blood draw in his arm. I am very nervous about this. Isaac sits sucking on a lollipop they gave him to calm him down but still crying a bit. Elijah gets the blood drawn and never even flinches! I mean not a peep out of him! Not even a concern at all. They also said he had fantastic veins.

However, I could not have chosen a worse day for these shots and pricks. It is miserable outside. Cold and rainy. Getting two kids inside with rain and cold temperatures was not fun.

We are home now and we plan to remain here for the rest of the day!


Rabens Family said...

Sounds exactly like Madison and Jocelyn. Madison cries just thinking about something and Jocelyn will do anything without a tear. It is fun having opposites. Enjoy the rest of your day indoors! Can't wait to hear if you guys get snow in Florida. BTW, what's for dinner? ;)

Jennifer said...

Yuck! I would much rather be inside when it is cold and rainy, curled up with a good book to read. We had this weather yesterday in Houston and it was gross!