Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brrrrr Saturday

Not sure how cold it was when we woke up on Saturday morning. Cold though. Really cold. Not sure I have the right to complain about it being so cold though as it appears everyone in the entire country is experiencing the same colder-than-normal temperatures.

Let's all just silently lament together okay? I mean, even Isaac, upon walking outside yesterday morning said, "Brrrrr!" Brrrr is right little man.

I let JB sleep in a bit and fed the boys fruity cheerios and Chex at their little table.

Elijah is actually getting big enough to sit in the chair at the table. And okay, he's also big enough to stand up on the chair and climb onto the table which I discovered later. But that's another story altogether.

I just had to take a picture of his chubby legs and feet, still not touching the floor. This won't last for much longer. Look how big my little chubba-chubba #2 is getting!

After JB got up, we decided to head to the gym together instead of going separately as we often do when the weather is bad. We brought the boys thinking that the smaller gym (which has a play area for kids) was open. When we got there, we realized it was closed. So we went to the bigger gym which does not have a play area. The gymnasium was empty so JB went and ran on the treadmill while I played with the boys. We pushed the "heaby ball" (heavy medicine ball) around, and I did some toning with hand weights and lunges while they ran around.

They had a basketball and a hoop so I figured why the heck not? I am not sure the last time I touched a basketball. I think it was when I coached my last season in Minnesota in 2008. Anyways, I was amazed at how "in my blood" that sport is. I sunk my first free-throw and quickly began putting the ball up on the glass and through the hoop just like I used to. Don't get me wrong. I'm still old when it comes to basketball. But it really is like riding a bike. Weird how quickly something I never think about came back to me.

After JB was done running, I hit the treadmill. Only, the boys were nearly sick of the gymnasium by then. I managed one mile before they realized that Mommy was on the other side of the curtain and both melted down. So we left before I got a complete run in. But it was still fun to play with them and get some toning in.

From there we went to the Bluewater Bay McDonalds that Joia had written about on her blog earlier this week. Way fun! How had we never been there before?! Other than a spilled glass of water (how did Elijah pick that up without me seeing him?) it went off without a hitch.

Back home, we played a bit before Elijah went down for a nap. Elijah has really been enjoying climbing into baskets and boxes and anything else he can find. Here he is, drool and all (I don't think he ever swallows!) in the laundry basket.

After Elijah went down, JB left to head up to work. He had a bunch of stuff he decided not to finish on Friday so he could come home at a decent time. When he got home, Elijah was getting up and Isaac was going down. John also let me go down! I took a fantastic two hour nap. Oh man did that feel good!
After naps for Isaac and me, Philip and Joia dropped their kiddos off so that they could do a little Valentines date together. I took a few snaps during the evening including this one below. As I was getting ready to serve dinner, all three boys decided to start a drum competition on their kiddy table. Moriah thought this was totally silly and immature behavior as you can see from the picture below:

Can't you just picture her thoughts? Those silly boys. Give me a break!
Anyways, dinner was a huge success since I chose to go with something classic: hot dogs, mixed veggies, and french fries! Everyone chowed down -- especially Scrubs when the meal was over. The boys also worked together as a team. Keenan didn't want to eat carrots so he passed those off to Isaac who ate them with great pleasure!

Moriah loves Scrubby. I can picture her thoughts during this picture as well: Why Scrubby, what big tonsils you have!

JB and I are getting ready to go to brunch this morning while Philip and Joia return the Valentines favor. I also woke up to a vase of flowers and a card from all my boys!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

I just love Moriah's pjs!! How sweet!

Angie said...

does elijah ever where pants?? :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Great question! The truth is, Elijah is very hard to change. He wiggles and squiggles and wears me out. So .... I put the boys (sometimes Isaac) in onesies at the start of everyday. If we go out we add shorts or pants to the wardrobe. If we stay home we stay in onesies. They are sooooooo much more easier to change then trying to get pants on and off as well. So the answer is, inside the house, rarely. Outside? Always! ;)

Keenan actually came over the other day and said, "Hi Isaac. You aren't wearing pants."

He was right.